In 2008, Maureen, together with her husband, gave birth to a beautiful little eight pound baby, Tya Marie Cobb. Stillborn at 40 weeks, Tya unfortunately spiraled straight into the cosmic realm, leaving her family behind as Mitch, Mo, and 2-year old Leila struggled to cope … and to let go.

In 2009, Mo received a grant through the PEI Arts Council  to successfully produce a full length manuscript, gathering steam on her journey through writing workshops and an exploration of her relationship with words.

This blog was about the road to publication of Maureen’s  first memoir, White Butterfly: A Memoir of Motherhood and Loss. Still amidst a thick wood of queries, Maureen is now well into its sequel, Unpacked, the story about their healing year of backpacking and travel in Europe and Southeast Asia that followed.

Now as a full time Masters in Fine Arts Creative Writing student at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Maureen writes her stories with her baby son, Ari, who is just now learning to crawl underneath her writing desk and pose himself serious threat.

This year Tya would be five years old. And hopefully somewhere she knows that she has started a Mo Duffy Cobb writing movement.

One response to “Projects

  1. melissacronin

    Mo, I remember reading an excerpt of your memoir, “Barefoot Beaches and Broken Backpacks,” in workshop. The notion of traveling as healing intrigues me. I look forward to reading more. BTW, thanks for liking my recent post on my blog, “Musings on Aging. It was great to see you at the residency – hope the start of semester is going well. Best.

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